Thursday, March 21, 2013

How I Wear: bareMinerals "The Truth"

So....leave it to me to start a new series to give myself structure, and then not actually do anything for 2 weeks. Awesome. Well, I do have good reason for not posting sooner, but whatever. I'm here now! 

The first product I'm featuring in this new series is bareMinerals The Truth. I feel like this brand is often overlooked and not given the attention it deserves. Don't get me wrong, there are some amazing die hard fans out there, but generally speaking, whenever I search online for reviews or videos, there aren't always a ton to choose from. 

The Truth is a lovely neutral quad. I find it extremely easy to wear and is one of those that can be used lightly or smoked up a bit for a night out (whatever that's been a while). 

bareMinerals describes these shades as:

  • Serendipitous: delicate peach
  • Magnetism: brushed taupe
  • Fate: light mocha glaze
  • Apropos: twinkling espresso
bareMinerals The Truth: (clockwise) Serendipitous, Magnetism, Fate and Apropos
bareMinerals The Truth: Serendipitous, Magnetism, Fate and Apropos
For an easy go-to look, I like to pat Serendipitous all over the lid and use as a highlight. I place Magnetism through the socket, outer corner and the middle of the lower lash line. Using Fate, I deepen the outer corner and blend along the outer third of the lower lash line. I line my upper lash line with Apropos.

Eye of the Day featuring bareMinerals The Truth READY 4.0 Quad



I only got one decent (referring to quality) picture on my "real" camera - and it's this goofy one right here. I tried for several days to wear the quad and remember (or have time) to take pictures. And that would be the reason that all of them are from my iPhone instead. Although the photo quality is not the best, I think you get the idea. Future posts will have better photos, but if I catch a good one on the iPhone, I'm not above using it.

In this last photo, I have on a cream color base from MAC (Take Root), and I've used Serendipitous along the inner third of the lid, Magnetistm on the outer two thirds and blended softly through the crease to meet the highlight (Serendipitous). Then I used a tapered blending brush (E45 from Sigma) and put Fate tightly in the crease and onto the outer corner. Next I used a brown eyeliner smudged into the lash line and topped with Apropros. Lower lash line: Apropos on the outer third, Fate in the middle, Magnetism on the inner third and Serendipitous on the inner corner. Good thing the photo really shows you how I used it. Oh helpful am I? Also, this photo was taken about 8 hours after applying it - some of it has rubbed off. I'm one of those that touches my eyes a lot throughout the day.

The READY 4.0 quads from bareMinerals retail for $30 and you can find them in a bareMinerals boutique, Ulta or Sephora, as well as online at,,,, or wherever else bareMinerals is sold.

If you have this quad, what is your favorite way to wear it?

Hope you all (yes, all 2 of you), have a wonderful weekend! I'll be doing a bit of judging at a cheer competition. Woohoo!


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