Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How I Wear....New Series Explained

I've been toying around with creating a series for this blog for a while. I need to give myself some structure and a sort of schedule to keep the blogging going. I know I'm doing this mostly for myself, but I'm ok with that. Even if only a few people see this, I hope it is helpful.
If you've ever been a stay at home mom, you know how it can get: adult conversations are few and far between, you narrate everything you're doing (Momma has to go potty, Momma's making lunch, Momma needs to do laundry, etc.), you're lucky if you get a shower that day, and you start talking to yourself. A lot. Doing this blog makes me feel like I'm serving a purpose, and instead of talking just to myself, now I get to talk to you.

Maybe it's not that big of a deal for some of you moms...but having twins and then another little guy within such a short time, well, I don't get out much. It's pretty comical to watch me go anywhere, let alone the 30 minutes it takes just to get in the car and leave the house. It started with three kids under 16 months (take a moment to let that sink in, and no, it wasn't on purpose) the twins are 3 and the little guy will be 2 in June. I need this...and if you ever switch places with me for 72 hours (any less than that and you won't get the full experience), you'd understand. I thought I knew what it would take to stay home and raise kids - ha. No idea. Not even close. I realize my situation isn't the norm, but still, it isn't an easy thing to do. Ok, enough....

Now, back on topic, the thought process behind this series is to not only show swatches of whatever product is being featured, but to also show it applied. I know there are other well known beauty bloggers who do this (and I love them for it), but I found that I wanted to see even more. If you're like me, you like to read several different reviews and watch a few YouTube videos before purchasing, or even just to gain inspiration for products you already own. I think it was more that I had a hard time finding reviews and pictures of the product applied for certain products (bareMinerals, tarte, Inglot etc.) and so I thought I'd do my own little review, swatches and eye or face of the day pics.

Right now the focus will be on eyeshadow, but I'd love to eventually branch out to other eye, face and lip products. My goal is to feature at least one product per week, but we'll see how it works out - taking and editing photos with little ones around can be quite challenging.

Hopefully this will be helpful, but maybe it'll just be me posing and modeling for myself. Either way, it will make me feel productive and I will have actually used some of the makeup in my collection. All good things, if you ask me.
I'm aware that the looks I come up with won't be groundbreaking - the purpose is really just to show you what they look like on, not necessarily a new way of application. Maybe I'll get adventurous, but I doubt it. My combos will probably be predictable and average - but they may still be helpful. 

I'm starting with the 4.0 quads and 2.0 duos from the READY line of bareMinerals - these are probably the hardest ones for me to find any reviews on. If you have any requests (bareMinerals or not), let me know...if I have the product, I will definitely feature it. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my blog!

Momma has to make lunch,

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