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Hey Mommas! Just a little beauty blog from one momma to another (or not - no kids required). A place for me to share my love/addiction of makeup and offer reviews, swatches and comparisons for all you other makeup fiends. I'm particular to makeup, but you'll find the odd hair product or tool review here as well. Hopefully this will be a useful resource for you!

A little more personal information about me...

When our twins came 10 weeks early (yikes!), they spent the first several weeks of their life, and almost all of my maternity leave, in the NICU. After eight weeks in the hospital, our new family of four was finally all together. Two weeks later, when it came time to return to my amazing job as a pharmaceutical sales rep, I spent three days at work and my husband and I decided I should stay home and raise our children. Daycare wasn't an option for our preemies and a nanny was going to be so much that it didn't make sense.

Fast forward to our 3-year wedding anniversary....the twins had just turned 8 months old. I was feeling a little icky and decided to put my ever wondering mind at ease by taking a pregnancy test--it was impossible for me to be pregnant, but since I was still nursing, I just needed the reassurance. Imagine my complete shock to find we were pregnant (especially since we had to have a lot of help getting pregnant the first time). And our family of 4 became 5! The twins were almost 16 months when our little baby boy was born. And so, my return to the workforce will have to wait that much longer....until then, hopefully this blog will suffice :)

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