Thursday, September 27, 2012

MAC Fluidline: Dark Diversion

I made a trip to the CCO closest to me (which I didn't even know these existed until about 6 months ago!) to exchange a few items. As I was perusing the store (with my huge triple stroller, mind you), one of the sales associates pulled out a fluidline from behind the counter that wasn't on display. Dark Diversion. I wasn't even allowed to swatch it, but I could tell from the color in the pot that I was going to like it - I immediately told her that I would be purchasing this, and I am so happy I did!

MAC describes the color as a blackened plum but, I would say Dark Diversion is more of a dark burgundy-brown shade with a slight sheen (you can just see a hint of sparkle in the swatch). I love it! It is definitely not metallic, and I think it leans more on the red side than purple, but don't let that description deter you. It is dark enough, and brown-ish enough, that I don't think it would appear red on your eyes. Like the other fluidlines I own, this applies beautifully: smooth, creamy and opaque. 

Dark Diversion is currently being re-promoted and is available as part of the MAC Styleseeker collection. When I checked, it was still in stock online, but you'll have to check stores for availability.

Do you have this shade? What is your favorite way to wear it?

Let's chat - Becca

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